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Connecticut Federal Crime & Business Litigation Attorneys

Frost | Bussert LLC is a litigation law firm with more than 45 years of combined experience handling complex criminal cases and civil disputes in federal and state courts. Conveniently located next to the federal and state courthouses in New Haven, Connecticut, the firm represents individuals and companies who need a New Haven criminal lawyer to handle white collar investigations, felony and misdemeanor criminal trials, and criminal appeals. We also can represent you in civil lawsuits, civil appeals, and attorney disciplinary proceedings. We provide personal attention to each matter, adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards, while aggressively pursuing our clients’ goals and objectives.

White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crimes, which are often charged under federal laws, can involve allegations of a scheme to defraud, financial fraud, or other illegal activities designed to achieve economic gain at the expense of the United States or a private party. They include embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, and various tax crimes, including tax evasion, failure to pay taxes, or filing of fraudulent tax returns. Fraud commonly occurs when somebody knowingly gets a benefit through deception or knowingly causes harm to another via deception. For example, bank fraud occurs if somebody knowingly executes or tries to execute an artifice or scheme to defraud a financial institution or to get any money, funds, securities, assets, credits, or other property owned or controlled by a financial institution, using false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises. Our federal criminal lawyers have handled complex cases related to federal tax crimes and mail and wire fraud.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal prosecutions tend to focus on complex criminal activity, usually of a larger scale than activity state prosecutors investigate. Federal crimes include mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, food stamp fraud, election law violations, identity theft, tax evasion, child pornography, bank robbery, drug crimes, RICO and more. For most people and companies, being the target of a federal investigation is unnerving, and unwanted publicity is embarrassing. Federal prosecutors usually build substantial cases before bringing charges by returning an indictment. Many federal charges involve mandatory minimum penalties, and the federal sentencing guidelines can be harsh. You should hire a New Haven criminal attorney as soon as you learn that you are being investigated, even if investigators have assured you that they are focused on a different suspect.

Criminal Defense in State Courts

We represent people charged with crimes in Connecticut state courts, including felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Under our system, prosecutors must establish charged crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. While it is not your job to prove your innocence, it is a reality of our system that a prosecutor has already started to build a case by the time that charges are filed. This makes it important to seek assistance from a criminal lawyer as soon as you find out that you are being investigated. State crimes include murder, assault, rape and sexual assault, child pornography, domestic violence, risk of injury, gun possession, drug possession and/or sale, larceny, and breach of peace. The first goal of our criminal lawyers is to prevent our clients from being charged, but, if they are, we mount a vigorous defense. For instance, because many charged crimes involve not only alleged criminal conduct, but also the defendant’s mental state or intent at the time, a defense might center on challenging the prosecution’s ability to prove the intent element of the crime (mens rea). Similarly, a criminal lawyer in the New Haven area will evaluate whether potential evidence upon which the prosecution seeks to rely might be suppressed or deemed inadmissible at trial.

Criminal and Civil Appeals

The Connecticut appellate attorneys at Frost | Bussert represent clients in civil appeals as well as in criminal appeals and other types of post-conviction proceedings. Within the American justice system, there is a preference to uphold jury verdicts and lower courts’ rulings and findings. In order for an appellate court to reverse a lower court, one must show the appellate court that the lower court made an error. In bringing an appeal, we review the record closely to identify relevant facts and issues in order to determine the basis for judicial relief. Post-conviction proceedings that we handle include federal motions brought under Title 28 Sections 2255 and 2241 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) and Connecticut habeas petitions and motions to vacate unlawful sentences. Post-conviction proceedings typically require our New Haven criminal lawyers to investigate issues beyond the trial court record to determine whether issues with merit exist.

Business Litigation

Business litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. Our firm prides itself on efficiency in pursuing practical, client-focused solutions. If an issue can be resolved before litigation is commenced, we will negotiate forcefully for a fair outcome. When litigation is needed, we work creatively and aggressively to put a client’s case in front of a judge or jury to pursue the most favorable outcome. We handle cases related to contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims, allegations of unfair trade practices, employment disputes, enforcement of non-competition agreements, fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation claims, and partnership, shareholder, or LLC disputes.

Ethics / Professional Responsibility / Grievance Defense

Ethics issues for lawyers may arise in connection with client confidentiality, the attorney-client privilege, conflicts of interest, fees and retainer agreements, lawyer advertising, and compliance with the mandatory IOLTA program. We provide ethics counsel to lawyers and represent our fellow lawyers at all stages of the disciplinary process, and also advise lawyers and law firms about compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. Receiving a grievance can be unnerving and threatening. When a client or fellow lawyer files a complaint against a lawyer, the rules require the lawyer to respond to the complaint in writing. This can be very critical stage of the process and it is important to work with an attorney who has experience in this area when responding to a local grievance panel. Frost | Bussert has extensive experience in preparing such responses, and in litigating grievance matters before the Statewide Grievance Committee and the Connecticut courts.

Consult a Skillful Criminal Defense or Business Litigation Attorney

White collar investigations, federal and state criminal charges, business litigation, and appeals involve high stakes. It is crucial to hire an attorney who understands the complexities of these areas of law. If you need a criminal attorney in New Haven or representation in a business dispute, you should consult Frost | Bussert. We represent clients in all three seats of federal court (New Haven, Bridgeport, and Hartford), in state courts in New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, and Litchfield Counties, and before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the Connecticut Appellate Court and the Connecticut Supreme Court. Call us at (203) 495-9790 or set up an appointment through our online form.

Client Reviews

Two years ago my son, a federal inmate, lost all his privileges for 6 years along with 6 months good time. We believe the severity of these sanctions was not deserved. We hired Todd Bussert who guided us through the lengthy process of appeals ultimately leading to filing a 2241 motion the end of...


Todd was recommended to us by an attorney -- in itself a highly positive statement about Todd's qualifications. Todd helped us obtain a very successful outcome in a federal criminal case. He was very knowledgeable, very competent and responded quickly to questions. It was a true comfort having him...


In 2016 I was wrongfully accused or very offenses I did not commit. After 3 years facing the matter with a public defender I hired attorney Bussert. From the start he was knowledgeable, responsive and aggressive in defending me in court. Before trial he successfully won arguments on what evidence...


Todd works until the job is done. Very responsive, empathetic, and fully knowledgeable about the BOP and the ins and outs of the Federal Government and laws. In addition, he’s a very nice, humble person who shows care for his clients and family.

Kathleen J.

I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Bussert as one of my defense attorneys when I went to trial. He never gave up no matter how may challenges we faced. He has an incredible ambitious passion for what he is hired to do. The team he had working with him was impeccable and resilant in achieving getting...

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